Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility is key to good governance. The School Director has two priorities: enabling meaningful, engaging and cutting edge education in a safe school environment and acting as responsible stewards of the public’s investment in this initiative. Fiscal management of our schools is the only way to ensure North Penn remains one of the finest school districts in the state. That is why your North Penn Neighbors for Progress believe sound investments need to be considered for the short term and long term needs of the district. All contracts for professional services should be bid upon, without any favorable treatment given to friends of the school board, and zero-based budgeting must be used to justify financial expenditures.

Dishonest suggestions that your North Penn Neighbors for Progress will increase your tax burden are unfounded. In 2006, Pennsylvania passed the Act I Index, which sets caps on the amount of revenue school districts can collect from local taxpayers. Since 2006 the Republican controlled board has raised taxes on local residents at or just below the index nine out of ten times. As school directors North Penn Neighbors for Progress will make fiscally responsible decisions that will protect taxpayers interests.