Who Is Donating To The Republican Candidates?

The five candidates that make up your North Penn Neighbors For Progress, are far from politicians. We are exactly what we call ourselves, neighbors and members of the community, who believe we deserve better from our School Board. One of our core values is that our schools are no place for politics or special interests. Every decision that is made should be done so in the best interest of our students, our community, and the taxpayers.

In our quest for full transparency, we have been open about contributions made to our campaign, and we have been open about making sure we know where our opponents contributions come from.

2015 Contributors to the North Penn Republican Club

  • DB Rental (Dischell, Bartle, Dooley) – North Penn School District’s Solicitor – $2,500
  • Donald Bonnett – North Penn School District’s Architect – $2,500
  • Pennoni Associates PAC – North Penn School District’s Construction Consultant – $1,000
  • Ed Furman – North Penn School District’s CPA (Maillie LLP) – $500
  • Vahan Gureghian – CEO of CSMI, the largest, for profit Charter School Management Organization – $1,000
  • UGI State PAC – Oil and Gas PAC (Marcellus Shale) – $1,000

*This list is just a small sample of the donations made to the North Penn Republican Club in 2015.

Quality Education Matters does not have its own PAC. Therefore, it is difficult to gain transparency into the financial supporters backing them. However, when following the money in the financial reports, funds are collected through donations to the North Penn Republican Club, then donated from NPRC to the Area 9 Republican Committee, which in turn pays for the Quality Education Matters campaign expenses.

The North Penn community deserves to be represented by a School Board with no hidden agendas and free from conflicts of interest. That is the promise we make to our community.