Act 1 Tax Increase

For nine out of the last ten years, the Republican school board has raised taxes through Act 1. This board — in total control for decades — has NEVER made economic hardship exceptions for the taxpayers of the North Penn community. We ask the simple question, why?

Raising taxes while saying they are controlling costs doesn’t seem genuine when exceptions aren’t offered to the constituents who need them most.┬áThis is a clear case of political interests being served before our neighbors’ interests.

Such waivers for Act 1 tax increases have been accomplished elsewhere in Pennsylvania. For a board that prides itself on fiscal responsibility, the inability to serve some of our longest standing and most admired neighbors exposes a disregard for economic reality. We are perplexed by the lack of solutions to meet the challenges our community faces.

The time is now for politics and stale ideas to be swept from the school board. Our seniors and veterans on fixed incomes can’t afford another ten years of this kind of leadership.

Stand with you neighbors for a new vision for North Penn Schools.