Your North Penn Neighbors For Progress

Christian Fusco, Jonathan Kassa, Tina Stoll, Mark Warren and Jenna Ott are your North Penn Neighbors for Progress and your Democratic candidates for North Penn School Board. Each one of them has their own reasons for wanting to represent our community as member of North Penn’s School Board, but they all share the same desire to protect public education and ensure that North Penn continues to be one of the best districts in the state.

They all believe that, while North Penn is a great district, there are opportunities to make it better through innovation, dedication and progress. They know that we can learn from the past, live in the present and look to the future in order to provide the best education and opportunities to the students of the North Penn school district. Education is the cornerstone of a strong and successful society, and at a time when public education is facing new challenges, your North Penn Neighbors for Progress intend to stand up and protect our schools, students, parents, teachers and administrators.