School Taxes

We are Tina Stoll, Jonathan Kassa, Christian Fusco, Mark Warren and Jenna Ott, your North Penn Neighbors for Progress. And we are the Democratic candidates running  for North Penn School Board.

One of the most common refrains we hear when we are knocking on doors and getting to know our neighbors is, “Oh, you’re a Democrat – you’ll raise my taxes.”  In fact, Republicans have deceptively enforced this misconception in past school board elections by conducting  robo-calls “informing” everyone that the Democrats will raise your taxes 10%, no questions asked!

So clearly, the first thing we decided we had to do was to dispel this myth and set the record straight on Democrats and taxation in general, especially as they pertain to us as your school board candidates.

  • ALL School Boards in PA – whether they are controlled by Republicans or Democrats – are held to the Act 1 Index, passed in 2006. This law mandates that any proposed property tax hike that exceeds the state-set inflation index MUST go to voter referendum.

  • Republicans held all nine seats on the North Penn School Board until 2011, when Democrats Suzan Leonard and Carolyn Murphy were elected. And yet, the Republican controlled NPSD board raised taxes every year for several decades, except for 2011, which happened to be an election year.

  • Since the election of the two Democrats to the board, the transparency of the budgeting process has improved dramatically.

At our core, we believe in  even more transparency and accountability concerning all financial matters. The taxpayers of our community deserve that kind of openness and consideration from their representatives on the School Board.